Island Hoping in the Magnificent Cyclades

Standing aloof in giant ignorance,
 Of thee I hear and of the Cyclades,
 As one who sits ashore and longs perchance
To visit dolphin-coral in deep seas.
So thou wast blind; -- but then the veil was rent,
For Jove uncurtain'd Heaven to let thee live,
And Neptune made for thee a spumy tent,
And Pan made sing for thee his forest-hive;
Aye on the shores of darkness there is light,
And precipices show untrodden green
There is a budding morrow in the midnight,
There is a triple sight in blindness keen;
Such seeing hadst thou, as it once befell
To Dian, Queen of Earth, and Heaven, and Hell.
– John Keats, Sonnet to Homer
Welcome in Greece! A country full of passion and beauty, history and legends.
During this tour, you will have the chance to live a Cyclades Island hoping enjoying the advantages of an organized tour by experts and simultaneously avoiding the disadvantages of a large visiting group. Follow us to this individual island hoping that will create unforgettable memories for you and your beloved ones.

Day 1: Arrival in Athens – Strolling through streets of time in Plaka

Arrival in Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. Welcome and transfer to your booked hotel in Athens for 1 overnight stay. In the afternoon you will have the free time to explore the Greek capital.
Plaka, the city’s old part with the romantically winding roads, the narrow pathways, the numerous stairs and the detached houses and churches has managed to maintain its seemingly rural character till today, creating a livable and eternally lovable place in the heart of Athens. Ancient Greeks used to say that the time is the soul of the world; the walk you are going to take through the wonderful streets of Plaka will actually be a walk through time and history. Every step of yours will be a step on a different part of Athenian history: ruins of the glorious Greek antiquity, Roman columns, Byzantine churches, Turkish mosques…
But still, the modern buildings of the city do not lack the charm of the past; every single place in Athens depicts how lively the Greek everyday life is. The Greeks always enjoy a chit-chat or a business talk at Cafés and taverns and in parallel, at the table nearby, the visitors taste the delicious Greek cuisine, take a break from everyday pressure and live the Greek myth to the fullest. Moreover, the huge variety of souvenir and local shops are there for you, so that you can take back home something small to recall your wonderful trip to Greece. Today the time for you is free to explore Plaka at your own disposal.

Day 2: Athens for Sightseeing Fans & Departure to Paros

Admire in comfort the significant monuments and buildings of Athens from the bus perspective: the Panathenaic Stadium, where the first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896; the Presidential Residence, inhabited till 1974 by the Greek Royal Family; the Parliament building, palace of the first King of Greece, Otto von Wittelsbach; the numerous neoclassical buildings dating back to the 19th century; and in between the squares filling Athens with life and playing an important role in Athenian nightlife. Your next steps lead you back to the birth of democracy, as you climb the rock of the divine Acropolis, the landmark of Athens. Feel the vibes of Pericles and the famous Greek philosophers of ancient times, as you visit the 2,500-year-monument and its glorious temples; the marble Parthenon, the magnificent Propylaea and the delicate Erechtheion with the Caryatid Porch. Afterwards, free time to explore the city the way you like.
At 16:00 transfer from your hotel to the port of Piraeus, from where you will take the afternoon boat to the island of Paros. Itinerary preview: departure from Piraeus at 17:30. Arrival in Paros at 22:30. Welcome and transfer to your booked hotel for 7 overnight stays.

Day 3: Free Time for Swim and Rest

Day 4: Paros & Small Sister Island Antiparos

Your day will begin with a pleasant and interesting walking tour in Parikia, the capital of the island. You can visit the church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani (or Katapoliani), also known as the Church of 100 Doors. The church complex contains a main chapel surrounded by two more chapels and a baptistery dating back to the early Christian times. The tour continues with a walk in the old part of the city. During your walk you will be able to visit also the Frankish Castle, which is located at the highest point of Parikia and guarantees an amazing view from its surrounding areas.
Afterwards, you will drive to Pounta and take the ferry to Antiparos, the small sister island of Paros. The main site Kastro stands under the protection of the medieval, decayed castle. Antiparos is worldwide known for its quaint landscape and in the last few years it has managed to be an inspiring place for artists, film directors, architects and actors. If you are lucky enough, you could maybe see Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks around, as they own private villas on the island!
Return to Paros and drive to Marathi to visit the marble quarries, the source of the famous Parian marble in the old times. Ancient sculptors praised Parian marble (also known as “lichnitis” because of the lamps the workers used to find it) for its translucency and fine, soft texture, appropriate for sculptures and other constructions. Further drive to Lefkes, the capital of Paros in the medieval times and one of the most beautiful island villages. The tour will continue to the traditional fishermen’s village of Pisso Livadi, after driving through the villages of Prodromos, Marmara and Marpissa. There you will have free time for lunch and leisure. Last stop of the day will be the village of Naoussa, thought by some people as the most beautiful port in Cyclades. Return to your booked hotel.

Day 5: Free Time for Swim and Rest

Day 6: Santorini, the Jewel of Cyclades

Santorini is one of the top destinations worldwide. This optional excursion to the famous volcano island will give you the chance to explore it. Santorini is also one of the ten most interesting and worth-visiting places in the world for archaeologists, geologists, seismologists, architects and admirers of the unknown. The first stop by bus from the harbor is the attractive town of Fira. You can stroll through the narrow streets of the town and visit the churches of Agios Minas and Agios Stylianos as well as the important Prehistoric Museum. After having lunch, you will take a small trekking tour to Oia. Oia is a small town covering the whole island of Therasia and the northwestern biggest part of Santorini. It is the most famous and one of the most picturesque villages of the island with a great shipping history till the 20th century.
A visitor of Oia should not miss for any reason its magnificent view at the sunset time and a walk through its narrow streets with the white, little cave houses, the boutique hotels and the old sea captains’ houses. Climbing up to the top of the cliff, there is an astonishing view. Santorini is completely different from all the other Cycladic islands and offers a unique, wild scenery which brings out feelings and emotions not experienced in other places. The beautiful town of Fira, the attractive settlement of Oia and the black sandy beaches, which stretch as far as the eye can see, will make your trip unforgettable.

Day 7: One-day Excursion to Delos & Mykonos

An excursion boat will take you to the first destination of the today’s tour: Delos was the sacred island of the ancient Greeks and nowadays is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Its archaeological monuments and museum make the place unique. The Gods and siblings Apollo and Artemis were born there according to the myth, thus attracting pilgrims from all over Ancient Greece. The island bears traces of the succeeding civilizations in the Aegean world, from the 3rd millennium B.C. to the early Christian era. During your visit you cannot miss the sanctuaries dedicated to Apollo and Artemis, the famous Alley of the Lions and the procession road to the sanctuary of Apollo, all located in the archaeological site of the island.
Second and last stop of the day is one of the most cosmopolitan places of the world, the island of Mykonos or else “Island of the Winds”. Mykonos combines the multicultural, cosmopolitan character with the traditional Cycladic architecture, a style which is maintained regardless of the presence of new buildings. There are many things to do in Mykonos: take a walk around the attractive alleyways and windmills, visit the museums of interest (such as the archaeological, nautical, folk and agricultural museums) and the churches or just have a cool drink and swim in the crystal clear, blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Free time at your own disposal. At the end of the trip, return by boat to Paros and transfer to your booked hotel.


Day 8: Free Time for Swim and Rest

Day 9: Back to the Mainland

Unfortunately, today you have to say farewell to the Cyclades. At about 15:30 you will back to the port of Piraeus. Transfer to your booked hotel in Athens for 1 overnight stay.
Optional tour: Greek Evening
Your evening tour will start at the port of Piraeus. In 1959, the actress and once Minister of Culture Melina Mercouri sang the famous song "Ta Pediá tou Pireá" (“The Children of Piraeus”) for the film “Never on Sunday”. Her husky voice made the port of Piraeus famous worldwide. Nowadays, the numerous shipping companies of Piraeus control the world’s largest shipping economy. Although it is thought to be an ugly city, Piraeus has its “hidden” beauties, far away from the main port. Small parks, restored classical buildings and beautiful parts of the city manage to create another atmosphere. Among them are Mikrolimano with its fish taverns and Zea with its yachts. After a short walk you will head to a local restaurant with delicious Greek specialties, bouzouki music and some Greek folklore.

Day 10: Flight Back Home

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